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Sow with tears, reap with joy

Psalms 126:5 says "those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy"

Let us focus on the bigger picture with a Christ-like mindset when we study this verse. Let us not focus on earthly reaping, but rather gaining heaven's treasures. When we are faithful followers of Christ, we will suffer for His name. Many prophets and apostles of the Bible went through this sufferings and persecutions for Christ and we are not any different when we have chosen to follow Christ. We must be ready to offer our bodies as living sacrifices for Christ's sake. We have been called to stand for Christ in words and deeds no matter the circumstances. More often than not, we may not see the reaping for our tearful and faithful efforts for now, but if we preserve and walk in Christ until the end, we will verily reap the reward of entering the kingdom of God and sharing eternity with Jesus Christ. That's the biggest reaping that anyone could hope for. Let us all strive to reap this reward.

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