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Teresa Missions comprises of the board of directors that help with the efficient running of this organization and carry out God's work done through this compassionate mercy ministry.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Act prudently to the best interest of the organization.

Represent the organization in all its affairs.

Ensure coordination of the operations the within and outside the organization.

Discuss, allocate and approve operating budgets.

Establish long term plans for the organization.

Discussing and voting on the highest priority issues of the organization.

Set the organizational policies.

Hiring and evaluating key staffs of the organization on a salary basis.

Discuss and approve update/progress reports from the children’s committee.

Establish special committees to address specific issues.

Oversee proper order within the organization premises

Ensure mutual respect and collaboration among all support staff.

Get feedback and reports from heads of department as well as external local authorities and deliberate on them.

Procure, deploy and manage financial and material resources of the organization.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Lady Teresa Makori


Advisory Board

Advocators and Advisors of  Teresa Missions

This committee comprises of members who have the interests of the organization at heart and support its activities. They willingly champion for the causes that Teresa Missions pursues and voluntarily offer their professional opinions and advice over many areas of operations within the organization. The Board of Directors, through its director and secretary, shall consistently promote open and transparent communication and collaboration with the Advisory Board including organizing visitations to the organization for the members and the non-members of the Advisory Board but are interested in the cause and mission of the organization.

Meet the Team: Mission
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