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Please Get Involved!

Going by Proverbs 16:9, this is the course that Teresa Missions has planned, we pray that God will use us all to establish His steps through these projects for the benefit of the vulnerable, the at-risk and the less fortunate in our communities. Amen!

In order of priority, these are our long-term key mission projects that would create a pathway to self-sufficiency and self-sustenance

4 Acres of Land

Our current Teresa Mission Center is built on the ancestral land that Pastor Timothy inherited from his father. This land is measures 50ft by 100 ft only! Our 40 mission kids have very limited accommodation! They hardly play games because there is no space for their playground. We do not have land to do farming to address food shortage! These are the biggest problems that we will solve by purchasing 4 acres of land, which will approximately cost $80,000


Building Construction | Dormitories, Dining Hall, Library & Modern Kitchen

Our mission center already supports 24 non-resident vulnerable needy children. They are non-residents because we do not have the structural capacity or capability to accommodate them at our mission center together with other mission kids. 

Additionally, our Kisii region has over 1.5 million destitute, vulnerable at-risk girls and orphans. Wherever you walk, you can't miss a case or two of an orphan, a widow, an FGM case or a child-abuse case. Every other time, these needy kids come knocking on our doors with tears in their eyes, seeking our help. We are also left with no choice but to turn our backs on them with tears in our eyes because our limited finances and accommodation capacity. The world out there of young at-risk kids is crying for our help everyday. It is our prayer and faith that God will open ways for us to build a mission center that will be able to accommodate 150 vulnerable kids and provide structures will provide an enabling environment to the less fortunate and empower them to a state of self-reliance through education. The estimated cost of this project is $180,000.

Crop, Poultry & Livestock Farming

Our region, Kisii highlands enjoys a tropical highland climate. Temperature vary from lows of 52F July to highs of 79F January, annually. The rain in this region is well distributed all year round thanks to its positioning in the Lake Victoria lake basin and the heavily foliaged Kisii highlands. This region supports the farming of most crops and fruits but the main crops and fruits cultivated around the area include maize, managu, beans, bananas, pineapples, avocados, pawpaws etc. Additionally, we are determined to rear cows for milk and chicken for eggs that will be used to feed our mission kids.

This plan has been put in place out of our desire to provide our mission kids with a balanced diet and feed them with all nutrients that will boost their immunity and eliminate malnutrition. The estimated cost of this project is $8,500

Clean drinking water.jpg

Water Drilling | Clean Drinking Water

Africa is popularly known for lack of access to clean drinking water. All of us here at the mission center drink water that is fetched from streams, springs and rivers. This water comes out of the ground and most often remain stagnant for people to collect and drink. This water is untreated which makes it dangerous for use, even worse to drink because we are constantly exposed to parasitic, fungal and bacterial diseases. 

Our mission kids often bear the burden of going to the river to fetch drinking water. And sadly, they go to school by 6am and come back from school by 6pm leaving them with less than an hour of day light to do any home chores! This reduces their time for other productive activities like studying. In order to help these orphans and provide clean water for them to drink and use within the mission center, we have a plan in place to drill water and supply them with clean water. This is a project that will supply enough water for the mission center as well as for use by the surrounding community. The cost of hiring a local water drilling company for this purpose is estimated at $20,500.

Mission Center Van

Life demands man to move from point A to point B for various reasons. At Teresa Missions, we have directors, staff and children moving on a daily basis. The kids going to and from school on foot for long distances, the kids and staff going to and from church, the staff going to and from the market to buy food, the daily emergencies at the mission center that call for mobility, the mission leaders moving around attending to various needs of the organization. Adding to the fact that we are living in a Covid pandemic period, this daily need of safe and secure movement calls for an urgent, efficient and convenient way of transport that can only be satisfied by a mission van. We faithfully hope that we shall successfully raise money to buy one. The estimated cost of a van is $26,500. While the purchase price of a second-hand van in good condition costs approximately $18,000.

Mission center van.jpg

Believe us when we say that every little bit of help is highly appreciated and counts! Thank you and God bless you!

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