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Every shilling, dollar or pound counts. Donate with faith that God will make it enough for the work it is meant to do! Amen!


$1000 per month

To provide a nutritious balanced diet to these orphans and enable us to buy fruits to boast their immunity. This amount will also help us adequately provide 3 meals per day at the mission center for a whole month.


$350 per month

To make it possible to buy clothes, undergarments and shoes for at least some orphans in a month based on those with the least clothing provisions.

Medical Care

$400 per month

This amount shall help us to adequately attend to medical care emergencies as well as provide checkups and treatments to a few special cases of kids on a monthly basis.


$1400 per academic term (after every 3 months)

This amount will go a long way to ensure we fully pay the school fees for all our mission kids and ensure they are not punished nor sent back home for fees. Please help us forge a better and brighter future for our mission kids

Personal and School supplies

$400 per month

This amount will help us buy personal things such as tissues, sanitary towels and pads, skin oil, hair combs, shoe polish, shoes brushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes as well as exercise books, pens and masks.


$510 per month

This amount helps us pay our caring and loving patron, matron, cook, caregiver and more importantly, a social worker. Without them, the mission center can easily be overrun with lack and chaos.

Sponsor 1 Orphan or At-risk Girl

$60 per month

This amount ensures one child gets all the above basic needs and the right to basic rights on a monthly basis. God bless you for cheerfully and sacrificially giving to this mission center.

ANTI-FGM Legal Support Fund

Any amount

Any girl that is subjected to FGM is exposed to various mental, physical and health risks. Additionally, FGM exposes any girl to early forced marriages which automatically ruins their desired future. Help us put an end or at least reduce FGM practices. To learn more about FGM, click FGM Pandemic.

NOTE: For other means of wiring donations to Teresa Missions, please contact us via

NOTE: Please write an email to us if you need help or clarifications. We will also like to have your email address to which we can send our note of thanks for supporting Teresa Missions and to also send you mission field reports.

Thanks you and God bless you for cheerfully and sacrificially giving to this mission center.

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Our success in spreading the gospel and sharing of God's love through acts of mercy is made possible thanks to people just like you. With your faithful prayers and generous contribution, no matter how great or small, we are able to truly make a difference. We are grateful for any help you can provide, and guarantee it will change the lives of these vulnerable at-risk girls and orphans for the better.

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Provide these Basic Needs: Donate
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